CBD (5)

  • PM Shot

    CBD PM was formulated for those seeking a healthy, natural way to not only fall asleep but stay asleep throughout the night. Drink this shot 30 minutes before desired bedtime and experience all the healing benefits of CBD as you sleep soundly throughout the night.
    • Maintain Healthy Sleep Cycles
    • Increase Quality of Sleep
    • Natural Sweeteners
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Anti-anxiety
    • Support Cardiovascular Health
  • AM Shot

    CBD AM was formulated to provide a daily natural energy boost without having a mid day crash. This shot is loaded with key ingredients that aim to maximize the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-anxiety properties of the body while boosting your energy levels.
    • Natural Energy. No Crash.
    • No Artificial Sweeteners
    • Boost Cognitive Function
    • Enhance your mood
    • Reduce post-exercise soreness
    • Increase Metabolism
  • Daily Dose Pack

    This pack was designed to be a readily available solution for those that need to use CBD in their daily life. This pack can go anywhere and contains 5 100 mg doses of CBD that are designed to dissolve into any beverage. Just pop open the pack, take out a dose and pour it into your beverage of choice, stir and enjoy.
    • High Absorption Rate
    • Quicker Onset
    • Easy to Use
    • Dissolves in Liquid
    • Better Value
  • Oil Tinctures

    Our oil based tinctures are crafted to be simple and Natural. We ensure the MG of our labels to be 100% accurate without adding any sugars or fillers. All of our CBD is third party tested to ensure the highest quality and purity. The Broad Spectrum model has a full profile of cannabinoids with under 0.03% THC. To enjoy all the healing benefits of hemp without any of the THC it is recommended you try the Isolate tincture.
  • Water Soluble Tinctures

    The Water soluble tincture is 30 doses of the daily pack in one easy to use bottle.  Bring this bottle on the go and use the 1ml dropper (100 mg dose) to turn any beverage into a CBD version.  This product is ideal for those that love the healing properties of the daily dose pack but prefer to buy in bulk.